Who is this guy?


Not just a photographer...think of Fingar Creative Services as a powerful partner that handles turn-key production of your photography, video and print production in support of all your marketing initiatives. All you have to do is sit back and get a big bonus.


With about thirty years of marketing experience I know where the land mines are buried and have seen a lot of businesses fail for doing stupid things. I've also seen a lot of successful ventures risk everything and get the big prizes...and I've paid attention along the way.


One thing I've learned is that smart companies tap into folks with skilled tribal knowledge and experience.


Currently, my focus is on  product and editorial images seen in the most popular print and on-line publications available nationwide. Together, we can create images suited for just about anything. Except weddings. You'll see my kidneys on Craig's List before that.


Video production is another thing all companies need. Use me for everything from social media to corporate training. It takes much more than a cellphone to do it right. Don't think I haven't tried.


Over the years I've also done a gazillion ads, brochures and just about anything marketing related. In the process I think I've killed more trees than lightning. I love killin' trees, so let me know if you'd like to help.


Mostly, I like to have fun.

And it shows in what I do.