While Supplies Last!!

2 for $49.95 plus S&H.

24" x 36" (standard frame size),


How They Ship:

Some say my shipping is overkill:
After all of the posters I've shipped, you learn a thing or two.

Most orders ship the same day, USPS Priority Mail.

Each order is hand-rolled (2 per tube) the day of the shipment (to minimize curl in the paper). The rolled poster is slid into a 2" poly-sleeve and inserted into 2.5" cardboard tube. The extra .25" buffer protects the contents from side impact damage. The.070" thick-wall heavy cardboard tube can support about 150 lbs of crushing. Each end of the tube is plugged with open-cell foam to protect the contents from sliding end-impact damage and also wicks any minor moisture and humidity. Each end is secured with a single strip of packing tape, which is more than adequate and minimizes hassle and damage when opening the package.


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