Video Services


There's no doubt that digital video has radically changed marketing, as well as how we spend our recreational time. In fact, I'm glad you stopped viewing Facebook videos long enough to read this far.


Whether you’re needing a one-minute clip for Instagram, or a full corporate video, I have the comprehensive tools and systematic approach to guarantee success. It is rocket science...but I'll help you through it.


Using cool things like a Stedicam Chest Rig, a Jib Crane, specialized lighting
and a 3-axis computerized rig  really gets my geek-on. The process of storyboards on paper through editing in Premiere Pro is fascinating and very satisfying.


Everyone has an inner Spielberg, I'd love to share with you the process.




Pro Tip.

Most of the equipment used for photography translates to video production quite easily. An on-location photo shoot can be adapted into a 4K video production with just a little pre-planning, getting more bang for your buck.






Product Overviews

Tradeshow product capability videos are very effective on your corporate website as well. This example is for a new, advanced bullet design.

Training Videos

Short demonstration videos can be placed in PowerPoints, websites and even electronic instruction manuals. Videos such as this "RAS-R" system showing the point-of-view through its eyepiece and ability to remotely "share" live feed with a teammate.

Documentary & Corporate Videos

Sometimes, you need a longer video that captures everything required. In this example, Zahid Qureshi displays his very interesting talent, he creates artwork on tiny grains of rice.

Social Media Videos

Packing a story into sixty seconds isn't easy. Fine-tuning and optimization of settings like bitrate and special color grading to display videos at their finest on social media, such as Instagram is key in today's world.